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Letter to Deputy Mayor Babers and Director Lott on Infrastructure

May 20, 2022
I am especially interested in learning about the projects the Task Force recommends for prioritization, especially those that can be funded via competitive grants. As you both know, I would like to see DC compete for part of the $1 billion Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program aimed at restoring community connectivity to neighborhoods divided by highways. As I mentioned in my letter to the Mayor regarding the FY23 budget, this is a great opportunity to explore re-envisioning DC-295 and its relationship to the communities of River Terrace, Parkside, Mayfair, Eastland Gardens, Kenilworth, Deanwood and Benning. The pilot program would give us an historic opportunity to knit communities back together after 70 years of division, and it would improve access to school, jobs, public transportation, and retail while also reducing air and noise pollution for residents in Wards 7 and 8.
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Letter to Director Anderson on Playgrounds, Rec Centers and Schools

May 19, 2022
We are writing today as a follow up to those hearings to learn more about the progress that DGS at various facilities thus far in FY2022. Specifically, we are interested in more information regarding the following projects:
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Letter to Chief Technology Officer Parker on High-Speed Internet Access

May 19, 2022
It is my understanding that DCPS was eligible to receive an additional funding from the FCC in the Fund’s final allocation wave for remote learning in School Year 22-23. However, I recently learned that OCTO seemingly declined to apply for the final wave of available federal funding. Considering that the need for virtual learning resources may continue to arise, and our students need access to technology even as the pandemic becomes endemic, I request a response to the following questions:
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Statement: First Vote on FY23 Budget Supporting Working Families

May 10, 2022
“Throughout this year’s budget process, I have focused on our working families. Investments we voted on today support our most vulnerable communities and will take steps in ensuring every District resident has an opportunity for success no matter your zip code,” said Councilmember Henderson. “After a year of legislating through response and recovery, I deeply understand the potential our budget decisions carry for the 700,000 residents of the District of Columbia, our local businesses, and our visitors. When we invest in advancing the health of our families, supports for our students, and good government, we directly support a strong economic recovery for our residents and workers.”
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Legislation to Enhance Reproductive Rights

March 24, 2022
“In the past year, we’ve seen unprecedented action against a woman’s right to choose in states across the country. We want to make it abundantly clear in our local laws that in the District of Columbia we are a safe haven for women seeking unrestricted access to reproductive health care,” said Councilmember Henderson. “The use of FDA-approved medication provides a safe, effective, and simple option to manage pregnancy with or without the supervision of a health care professional. The use of the medication is already protected under DC law. However, the law remains unclear for family, friends, or health professionals assisting an individual with the process. This legislation would expressly protect those who support or assist individuals in need of such care.”
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Legislation to Expand Access to Fertility Treatment

March 1, 2022
“Many people don’t anticipate that they will have difficulty conceiving a child. Once they realize that they do and that there is a clear solution, they are then met with another obstacle – cost. One cycle of IVF alone can cost between $20,000 to $25,000, and insurance providers are not required to cover this treatment. This legislation would change that, requiring private, Medicaid, and DC Alliance insurers to cover assisted reproductive technologies,” said Councilmember Henderson. “State mandated coverage has been shown to increase the use of infertility services 3-fold, which is also linked to better public health outcomes. It is time for the District to join 19 states that have already mandated this coverage.”
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