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Special-needs families tackle school placement, out-of-school time quandaries

These developments come weeks after D.C. Council member Christina Henderson (I-At Large) introduced the Out of School Time Special Education Inclusion and Standards Act, which would mandate OSSE to develop standards out-of-school time providers would adhere to when serving students with IEPs.

DC to get 342 new traffic cameras starting this summer

But the mayor’s proposal generated questions from the District Council. Councilmember Christina Henderson questioned how D.C. could expect to make so much money when so many people don’t pay in the first place. “If Maryland and Virginia residents do not have to pay, how?" she said. Despite reciprocity issues between the three jurisdictions, regarding District traffic tickets, Bowser said 70% of offenders ultimately pay their tickets.

AKA Chapter Celebrates Century of Service with a Prayer Breakfast

The Xi Omega chapter was founded on Dec. 23, 1923, by 20 sorority members and is the first graduate chapter in the District. Prominent members of Xi Omega members are U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Illinois) and D.C. Council members Christina Henderson (I-At Large) and Janeese Lewis George (D-Ward 4). Xi Omega officials said 700 members belong to the chapter. Washington Informer Managing Editor Micha Green also belongs to Xi Omega.

SUV in Rock Creek Parkway crash had more than $12k in traffic fines

Last year, Christina Henderson (I-At Large) introduced a bill that would use traffic cameras to assess points on a driver’s license. It died in committee. That proposal was part of various traffic safety measures the council discussed in the fall as concerns grew over dangerous driving incidents. Some lawmakers said that while issuing tickets to violators is a good strategy, it’s more critical to ensure those tickets are enforced.

D.C. Auditor Report: Vision Zero Program Didn't Have Enough funding, Staffing to Succeed

At-large Councilmember Christina Henderson tweeted about the situation saying, “I think we need to have an honest conversation as a community about what it will really take to get to Vision Zero.“I don’t want people to just pay fines,” she wrote. “I want them to change behavior. But any enforcement proposal beyond booting keeps getting knocked down. Do I think the ATE (Automated Traffic Enforcement) program needs reform (ie, lower the fines) and more transparency (provide data for camera locations)? Yes. I’ve called for that. “But if someone gets clocked going 25 over the speed limit, can we all agree that’s a problem and not predatory? We’re not there.”

D.C. Marijuana Expungements Bill Becomes Law Following Congressional Review

Prior to passage, lawmakers adopted an amendment from Councilmember Christina Henderson (D) that clarified the expungements language, specifying that records related to possession of “any quantity of marijuana” before the District’s legalization law took effect in February 2015 would need to be automatically expunged by the courts.

Sentence for 15-year-old charged with shooting Brian Robinson Jr. sparks outrage

FOX 5 also asked At-Large Councilmember Christina Henderson, who participates in the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, whether she agreed with the family’s response that if you do the crime – you should do the time. "I think that this case, as in others that occurred in 2020 and 2021 have brought up conversations in the community in terms of what does ‘accountable’ look like when it comes to juveniles? And I’m sure we’ll continue to have that conversation, in the council, with the office of the attorney general – as well as our mayor," Henderson said.

D.C. Summer Camps Will Use Lottery System For Sign-Ups This Year

“It can’t be the Hunger Games,” At-Large Councilmember Christina Henderson quipped at a press conference on Thursday announcing the new system. “There has to be a better way to deliver access to families.”

Hear the D.C. Crunch with D.C. Hunger Solutions

National School Breakfast Week and Hear the Crunch are also important moments for us to look ahead to what is in store for school meals. The Universal School Meals Amendment Act of 2023, introduced by D.C. Councilmember Christina Henderson aims to provide school meals (including school breakfast) and afterschool snacks at no charge to all District of Columbia students regardless of household income.

D.C. Council advances measure to decriminalize street vending

The legislation also expands the list of foods that can be legally prepared in one’s home and sold with the proper packaging and labels to include food items that require time or temperature controls, with the exception of raw meat and raw dairy projects. That provision concerned council member Christina Henderson (I-At Large), who became chair of the council’s health committee in January.

Concerns of Homeless Food Runs Team after Encampment Eviction

hese vouchers are not an immediate solution, since many recipients still do not have a place to stay. There are currently 800 people in D.C. with a voucher who have not been placed and will not be anytime soon, including many of those at McPherson Square. While D.C. has enough funded housing vouchers to effectively end homelessness, according to Council member Christina Henderson, a lack of staff and caseworkers prevents them from being used.

Two-thirds of McPherson Square homeless remain on street, D.C. says

At Thursday’s hearing, D.C. Council member Christina Henderson (I-At Large), who chairs the council’s oversight committee, said it was “frankly embarrassing” that the District has enough funded vouchers to functionally end chronic homelessness but “can’t seem to get out of our own way.”