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Letter to DOEE on Mold Violations

November 30, 2021
The recent conversations and student protests regarding substandard housing conditions at Howard University have once again underscored the risks posed by the District’s failure to conduct robust inspections for mold and mold remediation enforcement in residential buildings. I know you agree that mold in living spaces poses a serious public health concern. I write to request updates on the adoption of long-pending regulations that would support a mold remediation enforcement and fine program under the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), and to encourage you to develop adequate mold inspection capacity as soon as possible.
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DDOT Response to Councilmember Henderson's Letter on Traffic Safety

October 15, 2021
To that end, significant changes have been made to our TSI program since the May 13 hearing on Vision Zero in the Committee on Transportation and the Environment. These changes are intended to simplify the process for residents and accelerate evaluation and deployment of much needed safety improvements across the city. We have reviewed the questions and information requests in your letter dated September 28, 2021 and offer the following in response to each question:
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Facilitating College Athlete Compensation in DC

October 14, 2021
“I applaud the NCAA decision to allow players the opportunity to financially benefit from their brand, while still avoiding pay for play. Many Black and brown student-athletes will benefit from this shift toward a more equitable system, and our local regulations must evolve with this change,” said Councilmember Christina Henderson. “While college athletes will now have the chance to be paid for public appearances, autographs, or social media posts, there need to be basic safety measures around this activity. This legislation would prohibit pay for play, limit endorsements of products like alcohol or gambling, encourage universities to support financial literacy for their athletes, and update our local oversight of athlete agents who facilitate deals.”
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Improving RPP Zones In DC

October 6, 2021
“The redistricting process prompts a rightsizing of our wards and it is time to do the same for our residential parking permit zones. This legislation will continue to support the purpose of the residential permit parking program – enabling residents to park near their homes – while creating a more equitable parking system for the District,” said Councilmember Christina Henderson. “New RPP zones would match Advisory Neighborhood Commission boundaries, creating smaller but more consistently sized zones similar to those in successful resident parking programs in other cities across the nation. Some neighborhoods in Wards 1 and 4 already use ANC boundaries for the purpose of RPP.”
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Strengthening Immunizations In School and Childcare Communities

October 4, 2021
“It is imperative that we provide healthy learning environments for all of our students and school communities. As the spread of COVID-19 continues, we know that vaccination is one of our best tools to protect against and minimize the spread of infection in our schools,” said Councilmember Christina Henderson. “This legislation will take a necessary next step and require all eligible students and childcare employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. The vaccine has been tested, it is safe and has proven results, and we have ample supply. We already require young people to be vaccinated against a number of different diseases in order to attend school or childcare facilities. This is an extension of that effort.”
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DC Health Responses to Councilmember Henderson's September Letter

September 21, 2021
DC Health Responses to Councilmember Henderson's September Letter in advance of the September 21, 2021 COW Public Roundtable.
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