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Mayor Bowser's DC Build Back Better Infrastructure Task Force Report

November 17, 2022
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Revisions to the DC Criminal Code

November 16, 2022
I'm sure you've heard about the Council's vote on B24-416: Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022 (RCCA), which updates DC's Criminal Code. This was a task over 10 years in the making and follows recommendations by the DC Criminal Code Reform Commission. This was a necessary undertaking because our Criminal Code was created over 120 years ago by Congress. While there have been minor changes during this time, this bill represents the first full-scale revision since the code's creation in 1901. It is imperative that we make updates to bring our justice system into the 21st century.
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Letter to Chancellor Ferebee Regarding Murch Elementary School (Bus Contractor Safety and Credentials)

November 3, 2022
We understand that DCPS has independent contracting and procurement authority, but we ask that DCPS formally request of the District’s Chief Procurement Officer that Rome Charters be added to the District’s Excluded Parties List to ensure that another DC government agency does not unknowingly contract with this company and face a similar problem. We acknowledge the difficulty that many firms across the country are having right now with recruiting drivers with commercial drivers’ licenses, but that is no excuse to continue to contract with companies with problematic performance records. Across District government, we have seen issues with agencies not properly documenting detailed contract performance reviews, which as you know, plays a significant role in the process for extending or awarding subsequent contracts in the future. We believe the severity of this incident rises to the level of DCPS taking this formal step.
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Legislation to Pilot Universal Metrobus Access

October 27, 2022
This legislation would establish a pilot program with free fares for the X2 and 80 Metrobus lines. Metrobus provides a lifeline to for people who live along bus routes for communities with few alternative public transit options, providing critical transportation. Based on WMATA data, Metrobus riders overall are more likely than residents in the WMATA Compact Area to live in households without a car, live in households earning less than $30,000 annually, have limited English proficiency, and are more likely to be Black or Brown residents. Nearly 70% of Metrobus customers are frequent riders, riding busses 12 or more days per month.
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Legislation to Reduce Barriers Related to Housing Costs and Access

October 26, 2022
“With the passage of these two bills, we can strengthen our resolve that housing is a right, not a privilege."
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Council Expands Paid Leave for DC Government Employees

October 4, 2022
District government employees will get more paid family and medical leave thanks to a bill passed today in the DC Council. The legislation puts benefits in line with the District’s highly successful and expanding private sector program and with new federal government paid family leave benefits. Councilmember Elissa Silverman (I), chair of the Council’s Labor and Workforce Development Committee, and Councilmember Christina Henderson (I), introduced the bill, which was co-introduced by the entire Council. “Workers should be able to take care of a parent or spouse, care for and bond with a new baby, or take care of their own medical needs, without having to risk financial devastation,” Henderson said. “Taking care of workers is the right thing to do and good for the District.”
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