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Legislation to Reduce Traffic Violence and Hold Serial Traffic Violators Accountable

September 19, 2022
"The District’s traffic safety enforcement regime is unique. Unlike most other jurisdictions in the United States, the District has largely withdrawn from its reliance on police officers to enforce traffic laws. Police generally intervene in situations in which drivers are egregiously violating traffic safety laws and pose a clear and immediate danger to themselves and others. Currently, fines and points on a driving record are assigned for moving violations when the violation is recorded by a police officer. Only fines are assessed for moving violations captured by automated traffic enforcement (“ATE”) systems. This legislation will require assessing one point against the driving record of an individual for each violation detected by an ATE system and one additional point for a moving violation in a school zone. The first moving violation detected by an ATE system in a two-year period will be waived."
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Legislation to Streamline Educator Background Checks

September 16, 2022
“Over the past year, the Council has heard from teachers, prospective volunteers, community-based organizations, parents, and school leaders about the detrimental impacts arising from backlogs in the District’s processing of prospective teachers’ and volunteers’ applications. The intent of this legislation is to increase the efficiency of the educator and volunteer hiring process while ensuring the safety of our students. While a typical background check should take about 3 weeks, our current turnaround time is upwards of 3 months. This has affected our schools’ ability to recruit and hire critical staff such as substitute teachers, tutors, and programmatic staff,” said Councilmember Henderson.
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Response to Automated Traffic Enforcement Program (ATE) Program Letter-DDOT

September 12, 2022
Earlier this summer, I sent a letter to Director Lott regarding the automated traffic enforcement program. DDOT responded, detailing their rationale behind the program and its technology. See my letter and their presentation below.
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Legislation To Create A Compensation Review Commission

July 11, 2022
Washington DC – Today, Councilmember Christina Henderson introduced the Commission on Public Compensation Establishment Amendment Act of 2022. This legislation would establish a Commission on Public Compensation to review and make recommendations on the compensation and stipend levels for the members of Council of the District Columbia, the Mayor, the Attorney General, the members of the State Board of Education, and several public commissions and boards.
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Job Opening: Communications Director

June 21, 2022
The Office of DC Councilmember Christina Henderson (At-Large) is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Communications Director to develop and manage the overall messaging strategy for the member and the office.
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Job Opening: Legislative Assistant

June 21, 2022
The Office of At-Large DC Councilmember Christina Henderson is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Legislative Assistant to support the implementation of the policy and legislative strategy for the member. The Legislative Assistant will be responsible for working closely with the Legislative Director on researching and drafting legislation and amendments; preparing questions and statements for public hearings; and providing legislative advice and guidance to the member; among other duties.
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