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Councilmember Henderson Introduces Legislation to Support Tenants

May 3, 2023
Each year, tenants eagerly await the arrival of May 15—when air conditioning is turned on in apartment buildings in which tenants cannot individually control their indoor heating and air conditioning. In the past few years, average local temperatures have steadily risen, and many tenants who depend on their landlord to initiate the annual change to air conditioning from heating have wanted to access air conditioning much earlier than May 15...A tenant who cannot individually control the internal temperature of their home due to the design or age of their building should not have to swelter in their home while waiting for May 15 to arrive.
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Councilmember Henderson Introduces Legislation to Support Students’ Access to Life-Saving Medication

March 21, 2023
The physical, mental, academic, and emotional safety of all students is of chief concern in our District schools. This legislation would amend the Student Access to Treatment Act of 2007 to authorize employees and agents of public schools who have been certified under an Office of the State Superintendent of Education medication administration training program to administer undesignated albuterol to a student who is suffering or about to suffer an asthma attack and undesignated glucagon to a student who is suffering or about to suffer hypoglycemia due to diabetes.
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Councilmember Henderson's Statement on the DC Health Link Data Breach

March 16, 2023
"Data breaches are a violation of privacy and erode the public’s trust in institutions. Unfortunately, in recent years, we have seen several significant data breaches across various corporations and government agencies, such as Target, the Office of Personnel Management, the US Postal Service, and the Metropolitan Police Department, among others. I was alarmed to learn last week that DC Health Link, the health insurance marketplace for the District of Columbia, was the most recent institution affected by a cybersecurity attack exposing the personal information of thousands of residents and employees in the District."
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Councilmember Henderson Introduces Legislation to Streamline Condo Trash Collection and Residential Parking

March 7, 2023
Washington, DC –This month, Councilmember Henderson introduced two bills to improve quality of life by providing better municipal services. The two bills are the Taking Rubbish Away from Small Homes (TRASH) Amendment Act of 2023 and the Residential Permit Parking Program Review Amendment of 2023.
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Councilmember Henderson Introduces Common Sense Education Legislation

February 27, 2023
Last week, Councilmember Christina Henderson introduced common sense legislation that assures school transparency and student safety via the Common Sense School Transparency and Accountability Act of 2023.
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Councilmember Henderson Re-Introduces Legislation That Supports Fair Wages for DC Residents

February 21, 2023
While the District has seen growth in the workforce, the earnings between men and women are not reflective of a forward-moving city. According to data from the Census Bureau and the National Partnership for Women & Families, as of December 2022, the wage gap in the District of Columbia is marginally wider than the national average, with women making 81.9 cents for every dollar paid to men.
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