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My work is guided by the principle that one’s zip code should not determine one’s opportunity for success. I am focused on advancing a policy agenda focused on equity, education and reform.

Legislation Introduced

Institution of Higher Education Sexual Misconduct Reporting and Resource Accessibility Act of 2023

As introduced, this legislation would: • Require Institutions of higher education in the District to retain a confidential resource advisor (CRA) to provide emergency and ongoing support to reporting parties at institutions of higher education; • Require amnesty protections for reporting parties of sexual misconduct for violations of an institution’s student conduct policy if the violation occurred immediately before, during, or immediately after the incident of sexual misconduct, unless the violation put an immediate and severe risk the health and safety of others; • Require institutions to facilitate mandatory annual sexual misconduct trainings for all students with information about consent, the impact of drugs and alcohol on an individual’s ability to consent, procedures following sexual misconduct, contact information for the CRA, bystander intervention strategies, the rights of reporting parties, and the institution’s responsibilities regarding no-contact orders, orders of protection, or restraining orders; • Require institutions of higher education personnel who are involved in an institution of higher education's investigative and disciplinary process regarding sexual misconduct to receive annual training in handling sexual misconduct complaints and in the operations of the institution's disciplinary process; • Require that CRAs, Title IX coordinators, and an institution of higher education’s public safety personnel be educated in trauma-informed responses, and investigators to receive annual training on conducting investigations using trauma-informed responses; • Establish minimum criteria for institutions’ sexual misconduct policies; • Allow institutions to grant students who report experiencing sexual misconduct to specific institution personnel a waiver from minimum GPA, credit hour load, or other academic requirements or disciplinary record standards if the reporting student consents for a CRA, Title IX coordinator, public safety personnel, or local law enforcement to confirm to the institution the report of sexual misconduct, and • Require institutions of higher education to prepare and submit to the Higher Education Licensure Commission a report containing data about sexual misconduct on campus, to submit to the Commission and, starting in 2026, publish on its website the results of the online survey for campus safety that will be biennially administered.
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Committee of the Whole